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A new website, a new skill and a new way of living. It’s all about yoga!

I started practicing yoga six years ago in the Netherlands where I’m born and raised. It was Bikram yoga, after getting used to the heat, I loved the warmth and the same sequence every class. It felt like a moving meditation. In 2018 I moved to Spain where you can do Bikram on your roofterrace in August, because it can get really hot! But in the small vilage where we, my husband and I, started our B&B there is no Bikram studio. Nor in the area. I looked for a way to continue my yogaclasses and started online video classes. My favourite style became Vinyasa. After a few months training on my own the wish came to life to treat our guests on a nice yoga class on the roof terrace of the B&B! To share this wonderful place with them. After a proper research I found a place called Suryalila in Andalucia where I did my 200 hours teachertraining in January. So here I am ready to share my love for yoga with you!


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