A lot has changed the last month. The Corona virus was something in other countries but quickly changed to a big danger close to home. I live in Spain and since half of March we’re in a lockdown. You can only go out to walk the dog (unfortunately we don’t have one), go to the supermarket or the pharmacy. The lockdown is extended until the 12th of April but today the government decides if it will get extended again until April 26. That would be another 3 weeks! I must say that I find it hard not to be able to go out. This time makes you appreciate the freedom to go where ever and when ever you want on a new level of appreciation.

What do you do to relieve your worries in this time about the consequences for you and the world around you when the Corona crisis is over? Worries about your income, your physical and mental health, how the world looks when your allowed out again and how your family and friends are.

Of course yoga and meditation can help you in these times but what I see on the internet, especially the social media, is that almost every yoga teacher is now offering free online lessons or home retreats. The message is the same one: follow this class or program and all your worries will disappear. I don’t think it works that way. Of course yoga and meditation will help you but it’s not a quick fix. It takes a bit more to battle this crisis on a personal level.

‘So how can you find your inner warrior?’

The warrior pose or Virhabhadrasana is named after the fierce warrior Virabhadra, who is said to symbolize our inner ability to overcome ego and ignorance. The warrior poses challenge and test us but in doing so bring us strength, focus, confidence and courage. And that’s what we need now!

So apart from practicing your warrior poses what can you do to find your inner warrior?

Here are my 5 tips:

  1. Keep a day routine. Make a plan of what you want to do that day and stick to it. Be kind, also include things you really like to do, read a book, write a story, play a game.
  2. Give your emotions a bit of space. It is okay to feel scared or overwhelmed at these times.
  3. Be careful with following the news and social media about Corona. Protect yourself. Think about this; you don’t go shopping on an empty stomach because you buy too much unhealthy things. Protect yourself and don’t consume Corona news on an empty stomach!
  4. Be kind to yourself AND the people around you. Try to be patient especially when you’re in a quarantine situation. Meditation will help to give you peace and calm your mind!
  5. And practise your yoga. Stay flexible in your mind and body this will help you to stay sane in this strange world.

Use your inner warrior and remember:

Sometimes our inner or ally warriors will be called to take a strong position and go deeply (II). There will also be times that our warriors are needed as a compass to point in the right direction (I) or as a balancing and steady energy cutting through challenges (III). It can also be that your warrior is a humble warrior or even a reverse warrior. There is more than one way to express fierceness and strength. When those moments arise, ask yourself what kind of Vīrabhadra you are being called to be today.

Stay safe and healthy.

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