Nowadays when you see yoga posts on Instagram it just is about very young girls with slim strong bodies moving themselves in the most difficult poses. If you read the comments it’s often something like’ oh I wish I could do that or wow fantastic’. My question is what does this have to do with yoga? Ofourse there are very  challenging yoga poses that are not reachable for everyone.  But as I learned yoga is first a journey within. It’s about learning to know your mind and body. Find your boundaries and overcome them.

Every yogi knows that it feels great to notice that you’re getting stronger and more flexible. Suddenly you find your self in a deeper bend or your hands can hold behind your back. But mostly it are small steps forward.

For me seeing these photo’s (and not being familiar with yoga) would turn me down. The photo’s saying that yoga is certainly not for me. I’m not flexible, strong or slim enough to do yoga.I think yoga is for everyone and in my classes everyone is welcome to feel what yoga can do for your mind and body.

I teach yoga in a small Spanish village and my students (mostly ladies) want a bit of a challenge but no one enjoys a class where you’re constantly confronted with things or asanas that you can’t do. So my solution is to give options so that everybody benifits from the exercise but also can find a bit of a challenge if they’re up for that. It makes me really happy when someone tells me that she finally doesn’t have a pain in her back anymore. That’s what I’m doing it for. To help peole feel better and stay flexible and healthy!

As a teacher my favourite part of class is when all the students are in Savasana. Relaxing at the end of class and feeling at ease and proud of themselves that they did take time to come to class and feel the yoga sink in in their body and mind. It’s the small things that matter. The small steps forward to help you enjoy a happy healthy sunny life! So enjoy yoga no matter age or how strong or flexible you are. Yoga is for everyone!



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